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Magic Timed Shutdown is an advanced and powerful tool permits you to schedule certain tasks for your computer, such as shutdown, logoff, standby, reboot and so forth. It has four main functions as Shut Down, PC Management, Time Limit and Log Analysis. Main Features of Magic Timed Shutdown Timed Shutdown It allows your computer to perform certain task automatically at specific times under 11 restricted conditions and can take 14 different actions. 11 restricted conditions—countdown time, PC startup time, total time taken for startup in a day, upload speed, download speed, computer idle time, specified time, a specific time of a day, week, month or year. 14 actions—computer shutdown, reboot, log off, system lock, sleep mode, alert, screen off, standby, operate programs, open a file, open URLs, close programs, system garbage cleanup, and disconnect internet. PC Management Block chat software such as MSN, Skype etc. Block the use of compression software (like WinRar, WinZip etc.), Block the use of download software like BT, Thunder, FlashGet and etc. Block open a specific software/ window, Block using web browser, Block online video player , Block using Task Manager (to prevent illegal termination of active programs), Block using Control Panel, Block using Registry, Block modify system time. Time Limit Limit the use of computer/network at specific time, Limit the computer/network use time for a period of time, days, weeks, a specific day of a week. You can also set an exception use time. Log Analysis Offer a detailed analysis of PC startup time, shutdown time, time taken for PC startup and record every PC start and shutdown. You can view PC uptime for the present, today, yesterday, current week, current month and total uptime. You can view all startup, shutdown records, or record for today, yesterday, current week, current month, or a specific period of time.

Get 25% Off Magic Timed Shutdown Discount Code. [dogoodsoft Coupon Code].

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