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IntegralUI ListView  is an advanced .NET WinForms control with following features:
  • Different animation effects are supported
  • Fading effect over each item with five speed levels
  • Show multiple animated gifs in each item
  • Control over image animation
  • Customize the appearance of every control part using many color and format styles
  • Customize the appearance of every control part: background, border, columns, items, subitems, check box and scrollbars
  • Separate look for each item state: normal, selected, focused, hovered and disabled
  • Styles can be inherited from the parent control
  • Option to use textures as background and color schemes for each item separately
  • Customizable border with three shapes and control over visibility of each border side
  • Columns can be drawn over items
  • Use gradient fill to paint the background for each item separately
  • Anti-aliasing support
  • Full or partial transparency to control background, border, item text, images
  • Opton to show even/odd rows in alternate colors using custom styles
  • State images displayed on left side for each item, with which you can show different states for each item
  • Each item can have one or multiple icons shown to the left of its text
  • Rendering interface that match appearance of Windows Vista, XP and Classic
  • Theme support
  • Watermarks
Check boxes
  • Manage the appareance and behavior of checkboxes
  • Check boxes with three-state values is supported
  • Option to replace the check box with your own custom appearance
  • Allow each item to show or hide its own check box
  • Vertical alignment is supported
  • Customize the appareance using color styles
  • Manage the appareance and behavior of columns
  • Customize the appareance using color styles for each column state: normal, hovered and selected
  • Columns can have fixed width
  • Fix each column to the left or right control side
  • Each column can be hidden
  • Reorder columns using advanced drag and drop operation
  • Populate the column header and footer using text, images, hyperlinks, checkboxes and custom controls and arrange them in custom layouts
  • Each column can have its own context menu
  • Place multiple images in single column header
  • Align of text, images and other content in column header to left, center or right
  • Content of column subitems can have its own separate alignment
Drag and Drop
  • Reorder items using advanced drag drop operations
  • Use a built-in reordering or create your own custom reordering
  • Option to drag and drop multiple items
  • Drag Drop items from/to other controls
  • Choose whether items can be dragged
  • Option to reorder columns
  • Use built-in operation where items are reordered in standard way showing the reorder position mark
  • Ability to create your own custom drag drop operation
  • Support for all standard drag drop events
  • Option to show or hide reorder position mark
  • Auto scrolling near client area edges allows you to easily move among items
  • Control the flow of operations using large number of events
  • Column, item and subitem add/remove events
  • Focus related events
  • Column, item and subitem selection events
  • Item check box changes events
  • Editing events
  • Drag Drop events
  • Scrollbar events
  • Rich content related events
  • Use many options to filter your data
  • Filter can accept multiple values and performs data filtering by AND, OR criteria
  • Filter can be applied to four item properties: Key, TagString, Text and Value
  • Filter can work with prefix and exact match
  • Manage the appareance and behavior of groups
  • Organize items in mulitple groups
  • Customize the appareance of groups using color styles for each column state: normal, hovered and selected
  • Three different styles for group headers: gradient, line on bottom and line on center
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Advanced navigation among items
  • Use arrow keys to navigate among items
  • Use CTRL, SHIFT and SPACE key to select multiple items
  • Organize the content of each column, item and subitem in custom layouts
  • Arrange items in five views: Details, List, LargeIcon, SmallIcon and Card view
  • Separate columns and items by using spacing among them
  • Each column, item and subitem can have invidual settings for margin and padding
  • Create custom layouts using HTML tags
  • Vertical alignment for item text, icon and check box
  • Other features that can help you
  • Load thousands of items in milliseconds
  • Ability to present custom animation along with process progress during execution of any operation
  • Permissions over item reordering, drag drop operations, selection, hover selection, editing
  • Each item can have its own context menu
Rich Content
  • Create custom layouts using text, images, custom controls and other objects
  • Each item and subitem can embed any control
  • Each item and subitem can have one or more built-in controls: CheckBox, ComboBox, Rating, ProgressBar, TextBox, DateTimePicker, NumericUpDown
  • Ability to add custom editors to each item and subitem
  • Populate the item and subitem content using text, images, hyperlinks, checkboxes and custom controls and arrange them in custom layouts
  • Option to create a data template which can be used by all items
  • Advanced formatting options by use of HTML tags
  • Present complex data in each item using table based formatting
  • Multiple images at different places in each item
  • Multiple custom controls at different places in each item
  • Content alignment for every element
  • Use of multiple paragraphs and tables to present your data in each item
  • Text and other content can be shown in multiple lines or paragraphs
  • Manage the appareance and behavior of scrollbars
  • Option to show or hide horizontal and vertical scrollbars separately
  • Determine whether the control is scrollable
  • Choose how current view of the control is scrolled: per pixel or per row
  • Determine the scrolling speed of mouse wheel from 5 supported values
  • Option to set the position of scrollbar thumb manually
  • Customize the appareance of scrollbars using color styles
  • Locate the specific item using manual or automatic keyword search
  • Search for specific item using prefix or exact match
  • Use automatic search whenever a key(s) is pressed
  • Locate specific item using manual search with several methods available
  • Use built-in serialization to load/save your data in files, memory streams or databases
  • Support for serialization in XML files
  • Support for serialization in memory streams
  • Support for serialization in databases
  • Manage item selection in more efficient way
  • Four ways to select items: None, One, MiltiSimple and MultiExtended
  • Choose whether only a single item is selected or multiple items can be selected
  • Selection is done with mouse and keyboard
  • Option to preserve selection while doing other operations
  • Ability to have multiple selection using keyboard keys: CTRL, SHIFT and SPACE
  • Ability to select item while mouse cursor hovers over it
  • Choose how items are sorted by using built-in or custom sorting
  • Each item can have individual sorting enabled, while other items remain unaffected
  • Apply custom or built-in sorting to each column
  • Sort items in ascending or descending order, or choose none to stop sorting
  • Sort your data using three built-in types: integer, double and string
  • Ability to create your own custom sort operation very easily
  • Show customizable tooltips
  • Each item can have its own tooltip
  • Tooltip can have custom background and border
  • Choose how soon a tolltip will popup, and how long should remain visible

Get 20% Off IntegralUI ListView Coupon Code. [lidorsystems Discount Code].

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