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Unistal’s Restore is an OS-Application restoration software. On event of a Software Crash it restores operating system and application on a single key hit without any technical knowledge. It reduces, downtime as ‘No Engineers Waiting’ is required.

Unistal’s Restore is built keeping this in mind. It has options to repair the OS-Applications or at the worst bring it back to original factory settings. This software rebuilds corrupted applications too.

Restore is a solution that works behind the user’s control and when user faces an operating system not loading or blue screen problem, he gets it back 100%. It restores OS & Applications irrespective of the type of problem/nature of crash. That is the objective behind designing Unistal’s Restore.

  1. Supports multiple hard disks attached to computer.
  2. Supports any number of partitions & dual boot.
  3. One Button Restoration.
  4. Image updating Automatic & Regular.
  5. OS restoration non-destructive.
  6. Non-destructive OS repair.
  7. Non-destructive application healing.
  8. Option to include more applications for restoration later.
  9. Restore OS back to latest settings.
  10. After restoration, system settings, user profiles and system personality will be retained.
  11. Least user intervention required.

Get Restore for Windows – Personal License 20% Off Discount Code. [unistal Coupon Code].

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