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System Shield AntiVirus & AntiSpyware. (iolo technologies LLC).

Protects over 2.1 Million different viruses and threats

Are you tired of using bloated security software that slows your PC down? So were we…
That's why we engineered a fast, laser-accurate security solution guaranteed not to slow you down.

Protects over 2.1 Million different viruses and threats
System Shield finds and removes stubborn and dangerous PC infections, and then permanently protects your system from all future attacks.

Blocks and removes

Viruses and Sypware
Tracking Software
Trojan Horses and Rootkis
Identity and Password Theft
Keyloggers and Backdoors
…and more


System Shield AntiVirus and AntiSypware

iolo AntiVirus™ and iolo AntiSpyware™

Invisible real-time protection.
Provides an impervious shield for your PC that's always working. It instantly detects and blocks dangerous programs, stopping threats before they occur without impacting system performance.

Integrated email protection.
Automatically scans and disinfects email messages sent and received by your PC as they are being transmitted, not only protecting your own PC from harm, but also preventing you from accidentally infecting people you know.

Periodic system inspections.
When your PC is on but not being used, System Shield will perform periodic inspections as a second level of protection, combing your system for any dangerous and suspicious programs that may cause harm.

Convenient on-demand scanning.
If a file, program, folder or other part of your PC is ever suspected of infection, you can perform a comprehensive scan that will disable any threats and provide you with a full security analysis report.


Save 25% Off System Shield AntiVirus & AntiSpyware Coupon Code. [iolo Discount Code].

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